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Library and Resources

Links, books, and other resources with historical and genealogical information for family history and genealogy research. 

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About the Library and Resources section

The Library and Resources section began as a location to put digital images of the books in my personal library so I wouldn’t purchase the same book twice. Next, I decided it would be a good place to organize the thousands of genealogical resources I had bookmarked on my laptop. Many have been added; there are many more to go.

The section has been grouped by state, surname, United States regions and events, the practice of genealogy, the practice of genetic genealogy, and non-genealogy books. Not all states are covered in the section as I have not conducted research in that geography.

As this section contains resources from my genealogical research, some places contain notes following entries that are relevant to my personal research; I will move them to a different section at some point. An example: The Pennsylvania Archives. Some pages in this section also contain finding aids to non-indexed records [those requiring a page by page search].

I am in the process of converting the thousands of pages of research notes, links, and resources to the website; the process will take some time. – Kimberli Faulkner Hull

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