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Library and Resources

๐Ÿ  ยป Genealogy

Library and Resources

Links, books, and other resources with historical and genealogical information for family history and genealogy research. 
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By state

About the Library and Resources section

The Library and Resources section contains resources from my genealogical research. Notes following entries are relevant to my personal research. The section has been grouped by state, surname, United States regions and events, the practice of genealogy, the practice of genetic genealogy, and non-genealogy books in my personal library.

While the majority of my research notes are currently private, some pages in this section contain finding aids to non-indexed records [those requiring a page by page search] from my research notes. An example is: Guernsey County, Ohio Birth and Death Records.

Not all states are covered, as I have not conducted research in that geography. I am in the process of converting the thousands of pages of research notes, links, and resources to the website; the process will take some time. – Kimberli Faulkner Hull

Library and Resources state page contents

Personal library. A photo and title page is typically included. If the book has been digitized and is available on the internet, a link to the digital book is below the image.

Virtual Libraries. Digitized books available on the internet relating to the subject. Some have have finding aids, linking sections/topics to specific page in the book, such as the Pennsylvania Archives.

Institutions, Societies, and Government Websites

Digitized Newspapers: Links by state to digitized newspapers [may require subscriptions] on, Newspapers Archive, Genealogy Bank, Chronicling America digitized collection, NewsLibrary, Community History Archives, Small Town Papers, and state-specific digitized collections.

Additional online resources.


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