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1796 Massachusetts map, Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division


Statehood: 6 Feb 1788
6th state of the United States

Bordering states:
North: New Hampshire, Vermont
South: Connecticut, Rhode Island
West: New York

Capital and largest city: Boston

Map: Massachusetts, 1796 (click map to enlarge), Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.

Counties: Original counties as listed in the 1780 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Part of the Second, Chapter 1 Sect. 2, The Senate, Article 1: Barnstable, Berkshire, Bristol, Cumberland, Dukes, Essex, Hampshire, Lincoln, Middlesex, Nantucket, Plymouth, Suffolk, Worcester, and York. Massachusetts County Creation Dates and Parent Counties.
Counties in 2020: 14.

Record Sets-State Level

Massachusetts Record Sets 
(Ancestry Collections)

Massachusetts Record Sets (Family Search)

Vital Records

Vital Records 1841-1925, Digital Records at the Massachusetts Archives

Massachusetts Delayed and Corrected Vital Records, 1753-1920 (Family Search)

Massachusetts, Death Records, 1841-1915 (Ancestry)

Massachusetts, U.S., Death Index, 1901-1980

Massachusetts, Death Index, 1970-2003, Ancestry

Land Records and Deeds

Massachusetts Land Records,
Secretary of the Commonwealth

Virtual Libraries

Chris Steele and Ronald Polito, A Directory of Massachusetts Photographers, 1839-1900, Online Edition (Boston, Massachusetts : 2018).

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

A History of New England, Containing Historical and Descriptive Sketches of the Counties, Cities and Principal Towns of the Six New England States, vol. 1, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Rev. R. H. Howard, A.M. and Prof. Henry E. Crocker, 1880.

The History of the Province of Massachusetts-Bay, From the Charter of King William and Queen Mary, in 1691, Until the Year 1750, Thomas Hutchinson, 1767.

The History of Massachusetts, From the Landing of the Pilgrims to the Present Time, George Lowell Austin, 1884.

The History of Massachusetts the Colonial Period, John Stetson Barry, 1855.

Three Episodes of Massachusetts, vol. 2, Charles Francis Adamas, 1892.

Massachusetts Privateers of the Revolution, Gardner Weld Allen, 1927.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, Office of the Sectetary of State, 1896.

Institutions, Societies, and Government Websites

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

1780 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Early Vital Records of Massachusetts
From 1600 to 1850

Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Digital Records at the Massachusetts Archives

Massachusetts Historical Society

Norfolk County


Weymouth Historic and Digital Collections

Suffolk County


Boston City Archives

City of Boston, Resources for Boston Records


Massachusetts Manuscripts, Archive Grid

Massachusetts Manuscripts, Library of Congress

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