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Ringing in 2022 with Genealogists on Twitter

One day last week I was looking for someone I’d tweeted with and, while I was scrolling through my following list on Twitter to find them, I realized I needed a better way to find genealogy Twitter friends. The next thing you know, Genealogists on Twitter was created.

Genealogists on Twitter

I started creating a list of links and soon realized that it would be more interesting to learn more about the people I communicate with, participate in chats with, and read posts from – more than their 160 character Twitter profile blurb tells the world.

So, I created a questionnaire with a few questions to tell us a bit more about each person, a little about the path that led them to research their family history, and a few of their favorite things.

Next, I reached out to one of the nicest people on Twitter and a genealogy expert, Paul Chiddicks, to complete the first questionnaire and to help me work out the process.

And… behold, the first Twitter profile was born:

Did you know Paul’s favorite food is roast beef and the place he’s visited that was his most favorite was… well, you have to read Paul’s profile to find out! We’ve added a few more profiles this weekend as well, with…

Thank you to Paul, Daniel, Derek, Daniel, and Peter for sending in their profiles to kick things off. It has been so fun and interesting learning more about each of you!

Join us

We’d like you to join us and it is easy to do! Just complete the questionnaire and I’ll add your profile, then I’ll tweet it out over the next few weeks.

Happy New Year and see you on Twitter!

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