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Genealogists on Twitter Community Profile Questionnaire

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Questionnaire Notes

  • A pdf of the questions is attached at the bottom of the questionnaire but please submit the answers using this form.
  • Accounts do not have to be full time genealogy Twitter accounts but have to have some activity in the genealogy/family history community.
  • If I have a question regarding a questionnaire response, I will DM you via Twitter. You do not have to follow me (@kimberlihull) on Twitter, but DMs are only possible to those who do.
  • Within a few days, a public profile will be completed with the responses submitted via the questionaire. The profile will be linked from the Genealogists on Twitter section.
  • Your Twitter profile image will be used for your profile. Here is an example of a completed Genealogists on Twitter profile.
  • In the Name field, please use your real name, not a company name. The intent is to learn about people, not businesses.
  • Your Genealogists on Twitter profile will be tweeted at sometime in the next few weeks with the hashtag #GenealogistsOnTwitter.
  • We reserve the right to reject questionnaire submissions if deemed inappropriate.
  • If you wish to have your profile removed at any time, just use the contact form to notify us.

Complete the Questionnaire