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Thomas One-Name Study

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Compiled and written by Kimberli Faulkner Hull
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© Kimberli Faulkner Hull

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Welcome to the Thomas one-name study. The study contains information, narratives, and other items related to the Thomas family and the associated variations of the surname Thomas.


At this time, the Thomas one-name study is primarily focused on Guernsey County, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The second phase will expand into more counties of Pennsylvania and beyond in the United States.

Profiles index: Profiles are sourced narratives written for Thomas family members. Following publication, profiles are indexed in the profiles index.

Kimberli Faulkner Hull direct line Thomas ancestors: Julia Ann Thomas (great grandmother), Lewis Thomas, Jesse Thomas.

Descendants: Deceased descendants of Jesse Thomas and Catherine “Katy” Ader.

Clippings: Thomas newspapers and obituaries clipped over the years. Under each of the articles and sources in the far right column is the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) shared between the person and Kimberli Faulkner Hull, if confirmed.

Photos: A collection of Thomas family photos.

Have Thomas family photos? Great! If you would like to share photos for this section they are warmly welcomed as long as they are your photos to share – please do not take photos published from other’s family trees and submit them. Each photo published will require source information, including:

  • Identification: Name, description, and, if available, date, place
  • Provenance: Who owned the photo prior to the current owner, typically, a parent or grandparent.
  • Current owner: Your name.

Source information for the photos will be created with this information. Please use the contact form to get in touch.

Places: According to Forebears, the Thomas name is the 239th most popular name in the world with the most located in the United States, India, and Tanzania.

Cemeteries: Coming soon.

DNA: Kimberli Faulkner Hull atDNA matches (living descendants’ names are not identified).

Source Timelines: A source timeline is a list of sources with dates, abstracts, and the source location in a timeline format, grouped by year, decade, and century. At this time, all source timelines and the sources searched list are private as they are works in progress.

Citing this page: Kimberli Faulkner Hull, author and compiler, “Thomas One-Name Study” Cool Adventures ( posted 2022).

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