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The Swafford Family

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Profiles Index and Source Timelines

Profiles Index

Swafford, Given names A-F

NameKFH Relationship
Ada Maria Swafford Riley (1879-1957)grandaunt
Alfred M. Swafford (1841-1918)great granduncle
Dora Elizabeth Swafford Leffler (1882-1960)grandaunt
Edward L. Swafford (1878-1973)granduncle
Elizabeth J. Swafford (1839-unk)great grandaunt

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Swafford, Given names G-L

NameKFH Relationship
Infant Girl Swafford (1880-unk)grandaunt
James Ross Swafford (1833-1916)great granduncle
Jessie Swafford (1889-1911)grandaunt
Joel Seagraves Swafford (1846-1919)great granduncle
John T. Swafford (1808-1878)2nd great grandfather
John W. Swafford (1837-unk)great granduncle
Joshua Swafford (1883-1943)granduncle
Lora E. Swafford Faulkner (1888-1964)paternal grandmother

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Swafford, Given names M-S

NameKFH Relationship
Rebecca Ann Swafford (1843-unk)great grandaunt
Rufus Swafford (1848-unk)great granduncle

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Swafford, Given names T-Z

NameKFH Relationship
Teressa “Tarrecy” Swafford Helton (1851-unk)great grandaunt
Thomas Carroll Swafford (1835-1910)great granduncle
Thomas Swafford (1880-1964)granduncle
William R. Swafford (1853-1921)great grandfather

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Other Surnames

Spouses, Children with other surnames, Associated and Allied families, etc.

NameKFH Relationship

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Source Timelines

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