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Flattening the Curve

While there were several contenders for week one’s most-used phrase – social distancing, self-isolating, stay the [insert your favorite term] home – flattening the curve is essentially what it is all about. Stay home, sit on your couch, and try to stop the spread of this damn thing.

Americans responded by running out in crowds, fighting to buy toilet paper. They soon got around to hoarding soup and other food items, but for some peculiar reason the first thing they thought of was toilet paper. Well, most anyway…

By Monday the 16th, much of America was self-isolating at home with their toilet paper and children, and ready to begin working at home/spending the majority of the day tweeting.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 and have seen the good, the bad, and the very ugly that can occur on Twitter. This week, it was a source for some heart-warming stories and positive messages. Stories and videos of neighborhoods in hard-hit Italy joining in song on their balconies brought some comfort that, even in the depths of the horrors of this nightmare, resiliency abounds.

The power of positive tweeting…

While there is absolutely nothing funny about this horrible crisis, humor can bring everyone together and for those isolated, anxious, stunned, depressed and scared, Twitter was also a great outlet to connect and share some smiles.

A new daily ritual has become martinis at 4:00 pm [granted, the martinis are not new] along with tracking the COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts and beyond. Each day at 4:00, they publish an updated list of cases by county. Plymouth County was up to 5 on 19 Mar 2020 and the state has 328 cases.

Thank you to all those sacrificing and putting their own lives in danger to try and stop this nightmare. Stay safe everybody.

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