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We've always been early adopters

Greg Hull on Isla Catalina, Gulf of California, Baja California, Mexico
Photo: Kimberli Hull © Cool Adventures

So, why did we enter into self-imposed isolation on 12 March 2020 before it was suggested or required for people with no symptoms or exposure?

We knew it was going to happen for us by the time we left Florida on the 6th –it just came much faster than we anticipated.

My spouse, Greg, had a massive heart attack in May 2013 while we were living in Aspen. He is in great shape – since the heart attack, we’ve traveled and lived all over the world, shot the Tour de France and many other cycling races, and had countless Cool Adventures. All that aside, he is in a COVID-19 high risk group.

When we were in Florida, the experts were beginning to recommend having enough supplies in case you had to quarantine for two weeks. We received an order of groceries the day after we returned on the 7th, prior to the start of the grocery buying panic (no toilet paper, paper towels, or Clorox wipes).

On Monday the 9th, we decided to cancel the Baltimore trip.

  • Amtrak was awesome. No arguments – full refund for our train tickets.
  • Southwest always allows cancelations, so our son can reuse the travel funds within the next year.
  • Our hotel rooms had the option to cancel when we booked, so no issue there.
  • $816 of MLB tickets – we planned to try and resell them closer to the game dates. All MLB games were postponed/cancelled a few days later – no refunds received yet as they put them in postponed and not cancelled status.

By Wednesday the 11th, the worldwide news was getting grimmer and grimmer and we knew it was about time to pull the plug on venturing out. We made a visit to Wood’s Seafood in downtown Plymouth for what was our last restaurant meal out – fabulous fried clams – and to get fresh fish from their market. We walked to the liquor store, picked up some wine, and caught the bus home.

And then, things changed.

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