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We escaped

On Saturday, 21 March at 8:30 AM we escaped.

It was a little chilly and kind of grey this morning. Drinking coffee and looking out at the ocean, we noted that no one was around. So we made a run for it. Well, a walk for it anyway.

Photo: Kimberli Hull © Cool Adventures

This was actually our second attempt at getting some fresh air and exercise. On a warm, sunny afternoon last week, we attempted a walk. Only a few blocks away, where the trail picks up, it was ridiculously crowded with few practicing any form of social distancing. We turned around and came back, discouraged at the lack of seriousness people seemed to be paying to the situation.

Isolation walk, 21 March 2020
Photo: Kimberli Hull © Cool Adventures

But, today was different. We made it along the path by the water, and then to the part of the trail that isn’t paved, only encountering one runner. It is amazing how something we used to do without thinking about it, was suddenly such a treat.

Stay safe everybody.

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