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A blog post about every 1 1/2 years, that seems about right

So, the last time I wrote a blog post was May of 2020 – I guess it may be time for a new one.

When the pandemic began, it felt like we should write about it, but I didn’t enjoy it and, let’s face it, the whole world was writing about it. By May 2020, I wanted to escape the pandemic, not rehash it over and over. So, I did other things.

Here’s a quick catch up….

New website

I created a new website in June 2020, combining several other ones to come up with this version. We spent the summer of 2020 post-processing photos we’d never gotten around to working on, but honestly, we grew bored with it. I personally have about 25,000 photos I’ve never looked at and it may stay that way. So, I added a genealogy section and then, an ephemera collection section, and have been adding content to those since then. More on that later.

Walking over a 1200 miles and snapping some cemetery photos

During the pandemic, we walked and walked and walked. In summer, in fall, in winter, and in the spring. Typically, we’d walk a couple of miles, have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich picnic lunch, and walk home. Our favorite lunch spots were on the hill across from Plymouth Rock and also, just down the way, from there in Brewster Park.

Pandemic winter walks
Pandemic winter walks
Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Winter walks in Plymouth
Vine Hills Cemetery, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Vine Hills Cemetery, Plymouth, Massachusetts

In October, we shot about 1,200 photographs at Vine Hills Cemetery in Plymouth. It was about 2 miles from where we lived, so we’d take our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, walk over, take photos, have lunch, and walk home. It was freedom during the lockdown – outside, no one around, no mask, no risk, brilliant.

I love cemeteries in October and Vine Hills is truly beautiful with its rolling hills and beautiful trees.

Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne

In March, we started driving to the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne once or twice a week. In four weeks, we shot over 5,000 graves.It is a unique military cemetery in that all the graves are flush mount, so you don’t see the headstones unless you are standing directly over them.

Most days, it was just us and the wild turkeys.

Two jabs and we got our lives back

Once we got our vaccinations in April, we had two objectives for the summer of 2021 . One, have fun in the Cape and Islands and, two, find a new place to live. Our apartment in Plymouth had amazing ocean views but we’d grown tired of apartment life and wanted a bit more space.

So, objective one….

Nantucket, 2021
Lobstah, 2021
Provincetown, 2021
Martha’s Vineyard, 2021

The house hunt

We’d decided we wanted to either live in the upper Cape or in Mystic, Connecticut.

Mystic, Connecticut

After one of the most ridiculous house hunts ever, we found a place in Cape Cod and closed in August. We then spent the next two months with renovations. It was our 23rd move inside of the United States since we were married and it hopefully is our last. We love it here.

First evening in our new home in Cape Cod

What’s next?

Lot’s of flea markets, antique stores, and life with a little girl named Amani, who will be featured in my next post – which will be sooner than a year a half from now. I’ve also been working on a large project that I’ve found quite fascinating researching an 1890 photo album I acquired at a flea market in late September. I plan to publish the research in early December.

Photograph album containing 47 photographs, New Bedford, Massachusetts, ca. 1890; privately held by the Faulkner–Hull Collection, Massachusetts.
Photograph album containing 47 photographs, New Bedford, Massachusetts, ca. 1890; privately held by the Faulkner–Hull Collection, Massachusetts.

So, that’s it. A year and half in 600 words or less. Talk soon.

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