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Phillis households in the United States in 1830

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Compiled by Kimberli Faulkner Hull
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A search of 1830 U.S. census records (Phillis and Fillis: exact, sounds like, and similar, first name of Phillis and Philips removed): 40 Phillis households in 14 states.

Note: This list has not yet been vetted and may include spelling variations that may not be Phillis or Fillis households.

Joseph Phillis St Clair Allegheny Pennsylvania3
Margaret PhillisBrighton Beaver Pennsylvania6
Joseph PhillisHopewell Beaver Pennsylvania12
James FillisShippensburg Cumberland Pennsylvania4
Anthony Pills Conestoga Lancaster Pennsylvania3
Charles FillisSmith Washington Pennsylvania7
Joseph FillisSmith Washington Pennsylvania5
Jacob FillisSmith Washington Pennsylvania7
Lewis Phillis Moscow Clermont Ohio3
Alexander Philis Cambridge Guernsey Ohio8
John Philip Bloom Morgan Ohio9
Joseph PhillisBloom Morgan Ohio3
Henry PhillisBloom Morgan Ohio2
Joseph Philis Bloom Morgan Ohio3
John Philis Bloom Morgan Ohio9
Henry Philis Bloom Morgan Ohio2
Samuel Philler Hounsfield Jefferson New York3
Joseph Phillis Philadelphia Jefferson New York3
Mrs Elizabeth Philes Johnstown Montgomery New York6
Mary Phillis Hartland Niagara New York3
Nathan Phillis Gaines Orleans New York6
Phillis Glenville Schenectady New York4
Jeremie L H Philis Ovid Seneca New York6
James Phillis East Chester Westchester New York4
Antonie Philis Madawaska Penobscot Maine8
James Phelis Orono Penobscot Maine10
John Phelis Orono Penobscot Maine10
William Phillis Mississinaway Delaware Indiana12
Isaac Philis Parke Indiana6
Gordon Phellis Baltimore Ward 10 Baltimore Maryland6
Nezro Phillis Hagerstown Washington Maryland2
Luther Phillis Marlow Cheshire New Hampshire5
Luther Phillis Junior Marlow Cheshire New Hampshire2
Buty Phillis Weston Fairfield Connecticut2
Addison PhillisJo Daviess Illinois8
Daniel Phillis Newton Middlesex Massachusetts4
Jacob PhillisPrinceton Washington Mississippi1
Pardon Fillies Hanover Morris New Jersey4
Mathew Phills Sumner Tennessee6
Phillis Norfolk Norfolk Virginia3

Phillis household in the U S Census lists

1790 | 1800 | 1810 | 1820 | 1830 | 1840 | 1850

Citing this page: Kimberli Faulkner Hull, author and compiler, “Phillis households in the United States in 1830” Cool Adventures ( posted 2022).

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