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Yvette Hoitink

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Yvette Hoitink on Twitter
Yvette Hoitink on Twitter




Dutch Genealogy



Tell us a bit about your genealogy/family history journey

I have been doing genealogy for 30+ years, including almost 10 as a professional. I became a board-certified genealogist in 2016, as the first from the Netherlands. 

I help people from all over the world who have ancestors from the Netherlands. I have had my Dutch Genealogy website since 1993, one of the oldest websites in the world. I love researching, writing, and educating.

Favorite food or beverage


Surnames of interest

Hoitink, Marijnissen, Woordes, Flooren, Van Nijkerken, Droppers, Kastein, Luijten, Van den Biggelaar, Van den Heuvel, Trouw

If you could meet one person from your family tree that died before you were born, who would it be and why?

Eleanor of Aquitaine. I have been working to verify my line back to her, and have proven 27 out of 29 generations so far. I would love to find out which stories about her are true and which are just myths.

Genealogy pet peeve

People who think Dutch ancestors cannot be traced before the civil registration was introduced in 1811. We have wonderful records and most lines can be traced to the 1600s or earlier.

Favorite place where you’ve traveled

Fontevrault Abbey, where Eleanor of Aquitaine was buried

From a genealogy/family history research perspective, what would you have done differently?

 I would document my reasoning to prove the parentage (proof arguments). I have found several mistakes in my tree where I had originally verified someone else’s research by going back to the records, without realizing that the records were not all for the person of interest. For example, a baptismal record that is not for the same person for whom I found the marriage record. Just checking the records is not enough, you have to verify the identity and prove that all the records are for the same person.

What are you currently working on and what’s next?

 I am currently doing a post-graduate diploma in Family and Local History at the University of Dundee, and will be doing a Master’s next. 

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