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Ed Ball

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We Are The Balls


East Midlands, UK

Tell us a bit about your genealogy/family history journey

I’ve been researching my family history for years. I began in 2006 and got started by talking to older relatives and inheriting past research done by others. I bought the ‘Family Historian’ genealogy software and signed up to I collected lots of names and dates and worked my way back successfully along multiple lines using online census records and certificates ordered from the GRO. I produced a family tree for my grandmother’s 80th birthday which she proudly hung on her wall.

But eventually, all the names and dates began to lose their interest. My inner desire to catalogue, in this case applied to my ancestry, could only go so far. I started wanting to know more about who these people were, what they did and what their lives were like. I wanted to share what I found out with my family and write everything down so my children would be able to read about their roots when they were old enough to care.

I set a goal to write biographies of as many of my ancestors as possible, containing not only the dry facts of their births, marriages and deaths, but a broader, more colourful picture of who they were, the events and decisions which shaped their lives and the times in which they lived. I wanted to put all of this together in a book, illustrated with photos and pictures of original documents, embellished with historical context and smartly printed and bound.

I gradually realised that by doing this I was falling into the trap of ‘completeness’ again, and the project became more about finishing all the biographies and less about actually sharing the stories with those who may want to read them. So my new plan is to publish the things that I find out on my website as I go along, without worrying if they are ‘complete’, and to slowly build a collection of interesting posts for my family, and anyone else who’s interested, to read and hopefully enjoy. And maybe one day I’ll bring these together and finally produce the big book of Balls that can sit proudly on my sons’ bookshelves, just as my first family tree hung on my granny’s wall

Favorite food or beverage

Beer and curry

Surnames of interest

Ball/Balls, Pearson, Cuthbertson, Easter, Clifford, Maclean/McLean, Palmer, Sharman, Mattock, Ballantyne, Ambrose, Warrington, Ford, Shearer, Cope, Davis, Piggin, Wheeler, Payne, Jackson, Trollop, Wilson, Stirling, Sneddon/Snaddon, Edmiston, Caunt, Hallam, Thorpe, Pratt, Girdlestone, Siddon, Carrick

If you could meet one person from your family tree that died before you were born, who would it be and why?

William Pearson. I want to know about his ‘secret service’ in India in WWI. And he is the only one of my great-grandparents that I don’t have a picture of so I’d make sure to get one when I met him!

Genealogy pet peeve

Photos without labels

Favorite place where you’ve traveled


From a genealogy/family history research perspective, what would you have done differently?

Had more conversations with my grandparents before they died and got them to label all their photos!

What are you currently working on and what’s next?

Profiles of my ancestors on my new family history blog. Long term aim is to bring them together into a printed family history book.

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