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Milk Punch, Swank Cocktail #54

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Milk Punch
Milk Punch

The Milk Punch is cocktail number 54 on the Swank Cocktail Guide.

Milk Punch cocktail history

According to cocktail historian, David Wondrich in his book, Punch, Milk Punch dates back to Mary Rockett’s 1711 recipe. By the 1760s, milk punch was all the rage. A 1761 Ipswich, England newspaper advertised “Milk Punch that will keep twenty Years,” and Benjamin Franklin sent a Milk Punch recipe to James Bowdoin in 1763 (transcription below).

The Complete Confectioner,” newspaper advertisement, The Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, England), 30 May 1761, p. 7, col. 1.

Benjamin Franklin’s Milk Punch 1763 recipe

To make Milk Punch

Take 6 quarts of Brandy, and the Rinds of 44 lemons pared very thin; Steep the Rinds in the Brandy 24 Hours; then strain it off. Put to it 4 Quarts of Water, 4 large Nutmegs grated, 2 quarts of Lemon Juice, 2 pound of double refined Sugar. When the Sugar is dissolved; boil 3 Quarts of Milk and put to the zest hot as you take it off the Fire, and stir it about. Let it stand two Hours; then run it thro’ a Jelly-bag till it is clear; then bottle it off.

Benjamin Franklin to James Bowdoin, Esq. of Roxbury; Massachusetts Historical Society

Interesting and the original milk punch recipes reportedly result in a clear liquid that lasts a very long time. Perhaps a winter project, but for now, we have the Swank Milk Punch recipe to explore.

Milk Punch cocktail recipe

Milk Punch cocktail recipe
Milk Punch cocktail recipe

Combine in shaker, cracked ice, 2 jiggers your choice Liquor, 1 cup Milk. Shake well, strain. Serve with sprinkle of Nutmeg.

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Ingredients used:

  • E&J Grand Blue Brandy
  • Milk
  • Light Cream
  • Nutmeg

Milk Punch cocktail review

Our ratings (1-5 🍸)

Greg: 🍸🍸🍸
Kim: 🍸🍸🍸

We thought the best word to describe the Milk Punch was boring. To enrich it a bit, we tried it with half milk and half light cream, but it was still a bit meh, lacking the richness of an Eggnog.

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Swank Cocktail Guide: 80 cocktails in 80 days

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