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Groundhog Days

The world now exists at two ends of a continuum. On one end, the health care systems are in chaos, as nearly two million people are now infected with the virus worldwide and fighting for their lives, with thousands losing the struggle each day.

On the other end of the continuum are those of us in self-isolation. Remember the 1993 Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day? Phil, a TV weather guy, goes to cover Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania and gets stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day every day. Welcome to real-world isolation days.

Days now are pretty much all the same. The only real way to differentiate from weekdays and the weekend is that the stock market is closed.

Ironically, from our couch, we can see a woodchuck or groundhog that lives in the field between our apartment and the ocean. We see him come out of the ground and walk around very close to his home a few times a week. Gee, who does that sound like?

Easter weekend in isolation

We no longer walk on the trail by the water as it is getting very crowded, even early in the morning, now that the weather is getting warmer. We now walk a loop around our apartment building’s parking lot, link to the commercial center’s parking lot next door, and then go down by where the groundhog lives.

We went for a walk on Easter morning. A church is located across the street from the parking lot. From a slow-the-spread perspective, it was excellent to see it shut and vacant. But, from a Christian perspective, it was bizarre to see it empty on such an important day. That said, regardless of religious affiliation, belief is belief and doesn’t require a gathering to exist.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Photo: Kimberli Hull © Cool Adventures

We finally received a grocery delivery on Saturday – the first in a month, as it is nearly impossible to schedule a delivery time any longer. I scored some lobstah tails and we received the first fresh produce we’d had in two weeks, so Easter dinner was quite fine.

On to week six – stay safe everybody.

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