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Bikes, bikes & more bikes at Interbike

Colnago bikes Interbike
Colnago bikes, Interbike
Photo credit: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures 
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Interbike, the largest bicycle trade event in North America, is held annually in Las Vegas with over 25,000 industry trade and 1200 cycling-related brands attending.

What’s hot

Kim Hull chatting with Mario Cipollini
Kim Hull chatting with Mario Cipollini Photo: Greg K Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media

If ever the phrase “kid in a candy store” applied, Interbike is it for the cycling enthusiast. Every kind, brand, color & type of bike, gleaming under perfect lighting, beckons you to come explore more.

So, where did we spend some of our time? Cipollini.

Known for creating some of the most high-end, quality bikes in the world, former pro-cyclist Mario Cipollini brought quite a selection of hot bikes to the show this year. One of the most popular destinations of Interbike, lines formed all day to meet Mario and touch his creations.

We grabbed a few minutes with Mario, who gave us a bit of background on how he created Cipollini bikes, and with Joe Roth of Speedbrands, on what’s new this year with Cipollini bikes and the availability of the bikes in the US. Both interviews and more information on Cipollini bikes will be posted soon.

What’s new

Photo: Kim Hull, Cool Adventures ©Chasing Light Media

We received well over 100 invitations to meet with gear manufacturers and learn more about their new products so, how do we decide where to go?

Well, it’s a mix of what’s new, specific items that we have heard from you that you want to learn about, and gear to fill our upcoming editorial calendar.

Beginning in October, each month we will feature a gear type, with specific examples of current items available in the marketplace. We’ve lined up cyclists that will thoroughly test the gear and report back on their findings.

For October – sunglass options for cyclists. We’re talking to the major brands this week to see what’s new and when it’s available.  Look for the cycling eyewear gear reviews in early October.

What’s next

Interbike is always a great place to discover what’s going to happen next in the cycling world.

The Giro d’Italia came through with an exciting announcement for 2014. In advance of the official Giro d’Italia 2014 presentation in October, the Giro unveiled Stage 12 at Interbike. The stage, which will be an individual time trial scheduled for the 22nd of May, will run from Barbaresco to Barolo.

“A land shaped for two wheels, with more than 300 routes between mountains, plains and hill. The Giro d’Italia 2014 will offer a taste of it, beginning with the suggestive time trial stage Barolo-Barbaresco, which will pass through the beautiful landscapes of the Langhe wine area, candidate to become UNESCO World Heritage Site.”
– Marco Gobbi Pansana, Head of Marketing of RCS Sport Cycling

The announcement was accompanied by a sampling of wine from the region, some Barolo risotto, and, well, this editor created a photo opp with a certain trophy.

Giro D'Italia Trophy, Interbike
Kim Hull with the Giro D’Italia Trophy, Interbike
Photo: Greg K. Hull, Cool Adventures © Chasing Light Media

In addition to sipping wine and picking up the Giro d’Italia trophy (it’s heavy by the way), we roamed the trade show flow in search of the coolest bikes and gear at the show.

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