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I’m a Riesling girl

Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits

Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits
Photo: Kim Hull © Chasing Light Media

I confess, I used to think of Riesling in that one word: sweet.

Then, a miraculous thing happened.

We went to the Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits Festival and the heavens parted (it did rain, so only a slight exaggeration) and lo and behold, there were Rieslings that were another word: dry.

Life as a Riesling disciple

Friday afternoon when we were sitting at Ajax Tavern planning our Saturday agenda at Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, I stated to our son, “Oh, there’s a Riesling tasting. You know they’re not all sweet.

Sometimes I forget he’s a certified sommelier – so yes, I got the smirk, eye roll and the, “You think?

He then told me that Paul Grieco was leading it, so yes, it was a good choice.

Two roads sometimes lead to the same path.

A man with a grape mission

Aspen Food and Wine Classic

Aspen Food and Wine Classic
Photo: Kim Hull © Chasing Light Media

An evangelist of the Riesling grape, Paul Grieco will, within 45 minutes, convince you that there is no reason for a white wine list to contain anything but Riesling and the juice should have your uncompromising devotion.

Okay, while you may not be instantly converted as a Riesling disciple, Mr. Grieco delivers his message with such mischievous, authoritative conviction that it is hard not to quickly exalt the Riesling with great admiration.

Reasons to love Rieslings: The Wines

The Riesling seminar was a walk through Rieslings from around the world, from dry to that other word, sweet.

When asked the price point of one of the wines, Mr.Grieco simply stated, “They’re all priceless.”

The wines tasted included…

How do you define greatness?

Mr. Grieco lists six criteria that define greatness in a wine – complexity, balance, delicacy, longevity, a sense of place and yumminess.

The take-away: A great Riesling is a complex, delicate wine that balances acidity and sweetness, with no one element outshining the others, that makes you smile.

AcidHounds Unite

I’m now a Riesling girl and I have the tat to prove it.

Ok, so that tatoo will wear off in a few days (I think), but the love of Rieslings won’t.



Aspen Food & Wine Classic


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