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Washington Presbyterian Church Minutes, Guernsey County, Ohio, Jan 1849

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Compiled and transcribed by Kimberli Faulkner Hull © Chasing Light Media
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8 Jan 1849, page 40


Monday Jan 8th 1849

Meeting was organized by electing Mr Thomas Laughlin Chairman and A. T. Robinson secretary

The minuts of the last meeting were read and approved

On motion it was agreed that Mr James Frame be not considered personaly bound by his act in signing the call

The treasurer of the board of Deacons reported the following annel report for the year ending Jan 22nd 1849


Total amount recd for the Board of Domestic Missions $ 4,25

Board of Foreign Missions $ 25, 58

Amount on hand last year 4,42

$ 30, 00

Paid over to Rev Wiley Treasurer $26,00 Balance on hand $4,00

8 Jan 1849, page 41


Amount for Com to General Assembly $8,00

“ “  Western Thological Seminary $9,35

Total amount of stipends due for the year ending Jan 22nd 1848 $ 40,40

Amound due from Senecaville 26,83

Washington $13,60

Total amount due on stipends for the year ending Jan 22th 1849 $69,00

amount from Senacaville $46,00

Washington $23,00

If not paid in the year $53,00

Amount due sexton $6.34

For Coal &c. $1,00

The above report was received

Mr Wm Robe offered the following resolutions for the consideration of the meeting

8 Jan 1849, page 42


Resolved 1st That the Church adopt measurs to comply with the requisitions set forth in the Word of God respecting the temporal management and duties of the Church

Res 2nd That each individual member of the church be required as he or she may deem right in the sight of God to present a just valuation of his wealth to the board of Deacons subject to the taxation of the church yearly

Res 3d That the above mentioned taxation of the church be sufficient to meet the demands which they may deem binding upon them as Christians

It was moved and seconded that the above revolutions be adopted which was carried

8 Jan 1849 – 22 Jan 1849, page 43


On motion the above vote was reconsidered

On motion the above revolutions was laid on the table with this understanding that each member hand in his or her valuation to the deacons within the year commencing 22nd Jan 1849

Mr Wm Robinson jnr offered the following resolution which was adopted viz

Resolved that we as a church or as individuals agree to pay the amount now on the Deacons books for the last year from this time forward from year to year and that if any member wishes to change his amount to more or less he must give notice of such part to the Deacon in his bounds before the day of the congregational meeting

22 Jan 1849, page 44


It was then anounced that their would be a deficit of something like $ 30,00 in the salery for the year 1849

It was moved and seconded that the Deacons proceed to raise the above amount by subscription

Amended so as to appoint a committee to raise whatever deficit there may be in the salery

Amended so as to appoint a com of 2 to act immediately to have $30,00 which was carried and the chair appointed Messrs Mc Curdy & Wm Robinson jnr said com

The com then proceeded to the subscription and raised $13,75 On motion the board of Deacons were instructed to make the same arrangments with the Senacaville

22 Jan 1849, page 45


Church which have heretofore existed

On motion Mr Wm Robe was appointed to transact the above business

On motion the meeting adjourned

A. T. Robinson sec

Citing this page: Kimberli Faulkner Hull, transcriber, “Washington Presbyterian Church Minutes, Guernsey County, Ohio, Jan 1849,” Chasing Light Media, Cool Adventures
( : published 2021); Washington Presbyterian Church Minutes, minutes journal (Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, 1841-1860), p. 40-45; privately held by the Faulkner-Hull Collection, Massachusetts.

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