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Washington Presbyterian Church Minutes, Guernsey County, Ohio, 7 Jan 1848

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Compiled and transcribed by Kimberli Faulkner Hull © Chasing Light Media
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7 Jan 1848, page 35


Church on Saturday the 23 of Jan 1847 Ajourned

Jas McCreary sec. Mr Wm Skinner Ch

Jany 7th 1848

Dr. Patterson in the chair Meeting called to order. A report was caled for from the Senecaville Church and Mr. Alexander Laughlin reported as follows, that the Senecaville Church could pay one hundred dollars for the coming year. It was moved that the report be excepted. Caried.

It was moved that the same arrangement be continued with Senecaville as heretofore lost

A reconsideration was moved.

Mr Wm. Robinson moved that the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table. A report from the Deacons of the Washington Church was caled for and they reported as follows

7 Jan 1848, page 36


Foreign Missionary Society

Received Dureing the past year 28.07

Paid over to Rev John E Alexander 23-65

Balance on hand. 4.42

Domestick Missions

Received Dureing the past year 39.35

All on hand

Bord of Education

Received Dureing the past year 21-12

Paid over to Rev John E. Alexander 19.62

Balance on hand 1-50

Western Theological Siminary

Recived Dureing the past year 35-53

March 20th paid John McCurdy Recv Treasurers Receipt 16.15

April 30th paid Wm Wilson agent Receipt 12-17

Balance on hand 7-18

Church Extention Fund

Received Dureing the past year 4-50 Paid over to Rev John E. Alexander 4.50

7 Jan 1848, page 37


Commissioners to the general assembly fund

Received During the past year 8.00

Paid over to John E Alexander 8-00

Contingent Expences

Received on subscription June 13th 17-15

Moneys received on two communion occasions after paying the expenses of the same 9-33

Making in all 26-48

paid over for expences of Church 26-48

Due sexton June 22th 1848 10-67

Due Henry Robinson for coal 1-00

Due David Frame for scrubing 2.50

Chance and Bute 2.00

McCurdy and Caldwell 2.21


For the year A. D. 1.845 paid



Still Due on 14.42

For the year 1846 paid 491.94



Balance still Due Eight dollars and six cts

7 Jan 1848, page 38


For the year 1847 paid




Balance stil Due 8.06


Total amount Still Due 157-22

Due by Senecaville 56-63

Due by Washington 100-39

It was moved that the Deacons report be excepted. Carried

It was move that a committee be appointed to take up a subscription to meat the arrears Due Mr Alexander Carried.

Resolved that the thanks of the congregation be tendered to the Ladies Missionary Society for theus libeally improving the interior of the church. Part by a unanimos vote.

Resolve that we hereforth dispence with lining out dureing singing in public worship

hereafter carried by a considerable majority It was moved that any person wishing to withdraw their stipping be granted liberty to do so

7 Jan 1848, page 39


It was moved that the same arrangement be continued with Senecaville as heretofore

Provided the arrangement can be made with of Mr Alexander

Resolved that a committee be appointed to raise if possible the balance of the salery, that they report to the deacons as early as possible and that they report the whole amount considered available to Mr Alexander for his concurance or other wise.

The following person were appointed that comittee


Mr John Robinson-of Wm

Mr John Robinson of Alexander

Hugh Brown

T. W. Laughlin

J. P. Robinson

Citing this page: Kimberli Faulkner Hull, transcriber, “Washington Presbyterian Church Minutes, Guernsey County, Ohio, 7 Jan 1848,” Chasing Light Media, Cool Adventures
( : published 2021); Washington Presbyterian Church Minutes, minutes journal (Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, 1841-1860), p. 35-39; privately held by the Faulkner-Hull Collection, Massachusetts.

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