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Hooper DNA

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Compiled and written by Kimberli Faulkner Hull
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Hooper Y-DNA

Y-DNA testing is associated a male’s patrilineal line, also called the surname line, because it runs along that lineage of the pedigree chart: a male’s father, his father’s father, his father’s father, and so on. Want to learn more? Read “Understanding Y-DNA testing.” and “Using your Y-DNA results.”

For Hooper males that test, as of January 2022, the Hooper Y-DNA project had 241 members.

Kimberli Faulkner Hull atDNA matches

Generation 2: Evelyn Lee Phillis Faulkner

Children of Evelyn Phillis with possible descendant atDNA matches: Karen.

Evelyn Lee Phillis Faulkner > Karen Sue Faulkner > Ancestry & LivingDNA match. Nephew.
(Bettinger Shared cM Project 4.0 v.4 range 1201-2282 , avg.1740)*. 1,704 cM across 41 segments.

Generation 3: Myrtle Ivy Hooper

Children of Myrtle Ivy Hooper Phyllis with possible known non-direct line descendant atDNA matches: none.

Generation 4: David K. Hooper

Children of David K. Hooper with possible known non-direct line descendant atDNA matches:

Generation 5: Peleg N. Hooper

Bettinger Shared cM Project 4.0, v.4 used to validate DNA match cM with relationship (example: the cM for a 1st cousin 2 X removed should fall in the range of 33-471, with an average of 221).

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