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Photography services

Chaminade Resort & Spa Farm to Table Dinner, Santa Cruz, California
Photo: Kim Hull © Chasing Light Media

Photography plays a critical role in the travel, leisure and sports industries. Engaging, candid photographs draw the reader into the activity, interacting with the written word to create a rich experience for the viewer, promoting a desire to learn more.

What we do

We specialize in photography of hotels & resorts, events & attractions, sporting events, and other related tourism and leisure activities. We frequently combine our photography services with access to our large social media following.

How we work

We cover travel destinations and events worldwide working as a team, allowing us to maximize coverage and provide twice the opportunity to capture unique moments. With a modern, photo journalistic approach, our work captures life as it occurs in a flattering, candid style.

Prior to the project, we correspond with the client to understand the desired content, intended usage for the photographs, and the messaging to be conveyed by the project. If desired, we will develop a shot list of specifics for the shoot such as certain people, locations, and particular items to be included, or it can be left up to us to find the most appealing elements at the location.

Following the event or shoot, we edit and digitally enhance the photos, and deliver the images according to services agreed to prior to the event (shot list, delivery timing, quantity, etc.).

Where we work


Why you should work with us

Team approach. Having worked together as a team for years, we have the experience to understand what is needed and how to ensure the time we are on location is highly productive in achieving it. We capture different images, locations, and elements, while having a cohesive style and flow.

Professionals. We shoot with Canon pro-line equipment (Canon EOS 1DX, Canon 5D Mark III, etc), a full line of Canon pro lenses, and associated accessories. We approach projects as professionals, working from early morning to late evenings, to capture images in the varying, best light and to ensure the photographs are an exceptional representation of your hotel, event or business.

Specialization. We specialize in tourism, leisure, events, and sporting events and do not handle weddings, portraits or studio photography.

Promotional support. In addition to high-quality images, we will promote your location, if desired, using our extensive social media network and publishing channels.

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

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