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Joanna Heath

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Siblings and niblings


Essex, England

Tell us a bit about your genealogy/family history journey

 have been slowly building up my family tree since I was about 14.

In more recent times I have blogged about my ancestors and other family history related matters.

I conducting a one-name-study on the surname Cleasby.

I had my DNA tested several years ago and am fascinated by this aspect of genealogy.

Favorite food or beverage


Surnames of interest

Jackson Calow Green Airey Stevenson Cleasby Poskitt Frobisher Sellers

If you could meet one person from your family tree that died before you were born, who would it be and why?

 I’d like to ask my Great Great Grandmother’s brother why he ran away and where did he go?

Genealogy pet peeve

It’s the opposite to most people, it is people moaning about mistakes in trees.

Favorite place where you’ve traveled

Going on a road trip to Scotland with my distant Canadian cousin and his wife.

From a genealogy/family history research perspective, what would you have done differently?

Saved documents more carefully and made more thorough notes.

What are you currently working on and what’s next?

The one-name-study and my blog.

A lot of tidying up and organizing.

Writing up DNA case studies.

Doing a presentation?

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