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Claire Bradley

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Claire Bradley on Twitter
Claire Bradley on Twitter




Claire Bradley


Dublin, Ireland

Tell us a bit about your genealogy/family history journey

Became interested when I was given a school project aged 12. Seriously began researching during college and turned professional about 10 years ago. I turned a passion into a business.

Favorite food or beverage


Surnames of interest

Bradley, Walters, Ure, Lacey, Lawless, Rourke, Joyce, Mahony

If you could meet one person from your family tree that died before you were born, who would it be and why?

My 3x great-grandfather, Alexander Ure. I want to know if he was actually Scottish, as his surname suggests. His 1901 census form is riddled with mistakes, recording him as aged 7 not 70. His birthplace says Glasgow but it’s crossed out and replaced with England. I proved he had 2 brothers through DNA and have names for their parents but no details, so hopefully he’d be able to tell me a bit more!

Genealogy pet peeve

People who copy family trees without doing their own research to verify

Favorite place where you’ve traveled


What are you currently working on and what’s next?

3 ongoing client research projects plus some work on my own Irish ancestry. I’ll be starting teaching my beginners class again soon too.

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