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Amber Oldenburg

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Amber Oldenburg on Twitter
Amber Oldenburg on Twitter




One Branch at a Time


Indiana, USA

Tell us a bit about your genealogy/family history journey

I was fortunate to stumble upon the subject of genealogy while studying to become a
national park ranger at BYU-Idaho. Upon completion of my first genealogy class, I knew I was
hooked and that I have discovered my life’s passion. Since that time, I have graduated with a degree in family history research (having taken every family history course that the university offered) and hit the ground running. I currently do research for clients, lecture on genealogy topics for libraries, genealogical societies, and at various conferences. I also teach an internet and computer skills course in the family history program at BYU-Idaho where I work to instill the same passion I have for family history in my students.

Favorite food or beverage

Cheese of any kind. I have not found one that I did not like.

Surnames of interest

Too many to name, but I am specifically interested in determining the surname of my paternal great-grandfather. He is still unknown to us (my paternal grandfather was adopted) but we are working on analyzing YDNA and autosomal DNA results to hopefully break down this brick wall. 

If you could meet one person from your family tree that died before you were born, who would it be and why?

 If I could meet one person from my family tree it would be my great-grandmother Mabel Thompson. My Dad loved her and has some of his best memories were spent with her. I want to know her and see why she was so special to him beyond the stories he tells. 

Genealogy pet peeve

My biggest genealogy pet peeve are researchers who do not cite their sources. Nothing drive me more nuts than seeing a fact without a citation. 

Favorite place where you’ve traveled

My favorite place that I have traveled is Montana. 

From a genealogy/family history research perspective, what would you have done differently?

The one thing that I would like to do differently is to have discovered my love of family history much earlier in my life. I feel like I will not have enough time to make all the discoveries that I want to. 

What are you currently working on and what’s next?

I am currently working on a four-generation research project which is the first step in the accreditation process with The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists (ICAPGen). The focus of my project is a family that resided in the Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin). I hope to have my project submitted by the end of summer 2022. 

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